writing your own vows

Writing Your Own Vows

two smaller hands holding the word "forever" within two larger handsVows are a solemn promise you make to yours to be. When it comes to something so special, why not write your own? Your vows should be unique and memorable, and the best way to achieve this is to write your own vows. Not convinced? Well we went ahead and laid out the Pros and Cons of writing your own vows.


  • It’s original, your own words, and unique.
  • It’s personalized. Writing your own vows gives you the opportunity to involve personal memories, inside jokes, and better describe the bond between the two of you.
  • It’s memorable, your fiancé will never forget the words that come from your heart over prewritten vows you’ve read and borrowed from elsewhere.
  • It adds romanticism and will set a better tone for the wedding.


  • Your speech might sound less personal and boring.
  • It’s less traditional, your guests and fiancé could be offended.
  • You’ll feel more uncomfortable and more prone to mess up your speech.
  • If you don’t write yours then your fiancé might not want to write personal vows either.

Our advice is to write your own vows. It makes your wedding less predictable and cliche, more memorable, and show the love the bride and groom share for each other.

a bride reading hand-written vows during her wedding ceremony

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