Wedding Etiquette 101 – How to Act at a Wedding

To determine the etiquette at the wedding you’re attending, you must first know how formal the wedding is going to be. Having trouble determining how formal the wedding you’re attending is going to be? We wrote a blog on formalities of weddings to help you figure it out. Ultimately, it comes down to what they will be wearing, the ceremony location, and includes all of the planning, and preparation. If you are unsure of what to wear, a Tip Top Tux specialist will gladly help you through the process of choosing the perfect outfit! From casual to fancy we can help at your nearest location.

What if I can’t go at all?

If you cannot make it to the wedding due to work, illness, etc. the bride and groom will understand. Don’t go into detail about why you can’t make it or it’ll sound like you are making excuses. Simply send in your RSVP with “Unable to attend” check-marked.

When should I arrive? What if I’m late?

Be there on time. Better, yet, be there 10 minutes early. It’s best to make it there before the bride begins walking down the aisle. You don’t want to disrupt the wedding or the bride as she walks. If you do end up late, wait until the bride is down the aisle and the vows are about to be said and just slip in.

Should I live-stream the ceremony?

As friends, family, and co-workers, you’re there to provide encouragement and positivity. Make them feel and know the day belongs to them. They deserve the attention and respect. When the bride starts walking down the aisle don’t stand in the aisle for pictures or get in the way. The best thing to do would be to watch respectively from your seat. Don’t be on your phone or camera taking pictures during this time. This applies to the vows, first dance, and when the cake is cut. Let the professionals take the pictures and you enjoy without being behind your phone or camera. It’ll create a much better experience for you and wedding party if you follow this rule of thumb. There will be plenty of other times during the reception to take as many photos as you’d like. The bride and groom will most likely want a photo with you at some point in the night.

Is there anything I should know about talking with the bride and groom?

When talking to the bride and groom, congratulate them and wish them happiness. It’s best to not mention other weddings you’ve attended or seen. Make their wedding feel special like it’s the first and only wedding you’ve attended. Also, try not to catch up for a long period of time. Not that the bride and groom don’t want to, but it isn’t the time for it. They’ll have a lot of guests wanting to talk to them through out the night so it’s best to keep it brief.

I’m worried about my kids…

Unless it’s specifically mentioned, it’s safe to assume that if you were invited, then the couple is aware of your children and are looking forward to seeing your whole family. Just keep an eye on them. Kids will be kids—that can’t be helped. It’s best, though, to not let them run around destroying decorations or sticking their hands in the cake. Let them enjoy their time and have fun, but try to keep it under control as to not cause any problems or ruin the bride and grooms night by making a scene.

OK, got it. Anything else?

Don’t forget to have fun! Dance, socialize, and enjoy the night. Just remember to stay under control and respectful for the bride and groom to enjoy their wedding day.