Tux Rental F.A.Q.s

Do I need to make an appointment?
You do not need to make an appointment, please stop in when it is convenient for you. However if you wish to schedule an appointment with a Formalwear Consultant you may. Simply contact your local store to find out best times to come in.

Should all tuxedos match for a wedding party?
Yes, it is very important that all men in a wedding party wear matching tuxedos. However, many brides prefer to have the groom wear a different color for the groom’s accessories (vest and tie).

Do I have to return my tuxedo at the same store where I picked it up?
No, you may return your tuxedo to any Tip Top Tux.

What if some wedding party members live in another city or out of state?  How do I get them Fitted?
Any member of the wedding party can go into any Tip Top Tux across the country and provide the employees on duty with the group name. We’ll take care of the rest.

Who should wear a tuxedo at my wedding?
A good rule of thumb is to have all the men you want in your wedding photos wear tuxedos. Obviously the groom and his attendants (groomsmen, ushers, ringbearers, and candle lighters) should be in tuxedos, but you should also consider other family members, including fathers, brothers and grandfathers.

Why should I rent shoes?
Do you really want to leave it to chance that everyone in the wedding party will have the appropriate shoes to wear with their tuxedo? Make sure your wedding photos turn out perfectly by having every man in the wedding party wear matching shoes.

Can I measure myself?
We recommend that you do not measure yourself. You can have professional measurements taken free of charge at any of our locations nationwide.

When can my tuxedo be picked up?
As they arrive, the store will call the bride and groom so the attendants may come in for the final fitting. Earlier fittings are possible when the arrangements have been made prior to pick-up.

What happens if the tuxedo does not fit?
All Tip Top Tux formalwear specialists are trained for onsite alterations (such as adjusting the sleeve or trouser length). In the event that an item needs to be re-ordered, Tip Top Tux will do everything possible to arrange for the item to arrive in the store by the event date.

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“How Do I Go About Renting A Tux?”

That’s a question we hear quite often. It’s a very simple process really.  Here’s a simple list of points showing you how to rent tuxedo:

CHOOSE YOUR TUXEDO – You may accomplish this by browsing through the styles section in our online catalog. Every style we offer in our rental program can be viewed here.

CHOOSE YOUR ACCESSORIES – Vests, ties, shoes, shirts… everything can be found online.

CHOOSE AND VISIT A TIP TOP TUX LOCATION- Visit our interactive Store Locator to find the Tip Top Tux closest to you. You’ll have access to the address and phone number.

You may place your order at this time. Style advice and wedding planning advice is readily available; don’t hesitate to ask our formalwear experts.

You will be asked to place a small downpayment on your rental. Before you leave, you will have confirmed availability of your tux and accessory styles for your wear date.

ENJOY YOUR EVENT – We’ll leave this part up to you!

RETURN YOUR TUX – Tip Top Tux expects your tuxedo returned the next business day after your event.