The HOTTEST Summer Wedding Themes!

Beat the heat with ideas and themes so cool, your wedding will be chill.

Bright colors, fun accessories, Summer weddings are the perfect time to break the traditional mold and express your inner coolness! Summer weddings are popular and the ideas you can choose from are expansive. Sounds overwhelming right? It shouldn’t be, we want you to have fun on your big day! We’ve compiled a few ideas to help you find the perfect theme for your Summer Wedding, read them below.



HIM: David Tutera Silver | Light Blue Tie/Pocket Square | Matte Grey Shoes  HER: BRIDE.  PHOTOGRAPHY: Marissa Cribbs Photography | EA Bride


This is the perfect opportunity to show off your style and creativity! Brighten up your wedding themes with yellow, pink, orange, and blue. While vibrance and color is great, we’d recommend still choosing one color and playing with the hues and shades of that color. For example, if you choose to do blue you could try Aqua Marine, Bali Lavendar, and Light Blue that way, the colors are fun and different but not overwhelming. It’s best to incorporate these colors into your wedding, from invitations, tuxedo accessories, bridesmaids dresses and flowers!


Having a summer wedding opens up all kinds of location possibilities. Gone is the cold and snow, in is the warm sunshine days! Outdoor weddings are super popular, haven’t you ever dreamed of a beach wedding?? A beach wedding works hand in hand with the reception. After the wedding you could move over a bit and have a bonfire and dance party(hang some string lights up for added effect). Seafood, margaritas, and s’mores are all great food options for beach weddings!

Relaxed Music

PHOTOGRAPHY: Melissa Sigler Photography

Rather than your traditional wedding music, you can play your favorite summer jams. Rather than your traditional soft piano, why not walk down the aisle to your favorite song? Even after the ceremony you could crank up a great song to lead into the reception.

How about a suit?


HIM: Black Executive Suit   HER: Affairs by Brittany  PHOTOGRAPHY: Abby Anderson, Photography

Why not try out a suit, rather than a tuxedo? Suits are much more casual, less traditional, and could save you money.  With our new Executive Suit Collection you can rent Coat, Pant, Shirt, and Tie at $99.95. And to make it even easier on you, you could buy it to keep along with the memories for $249.00.


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