The Prom Guide 2018

Welcome to the Prom Guide for 2018.

Prom is here and you need the freshest look out right now. We’ve got you covered.

Your resource on the hottest looks you can wear to your prom. We get it, it can be overwhelming to plan and decided on a look, we’re here to help you out. Wow, not only your date but your friends and peers alike with your look. Let us first introduce you to our newest styles, inspired by the celebrities themselves.

Modern Prom Looks

If you’re a trendsetter, fashion-forward, and stylish guy these styles will suit you perfectly. You’ll stand out and look like you’ve been taken right off the red carpet for your prom!

blue velvet jacket

Velvet Peak Tuxedo | Blue

Velvet is back and better than ever! Stand out and feel great. Nothing this soft has ever been so strong.

red paisley jacket

Paisley Shawl Tuxedo | Red

Paisley is dope, there is no denying it. Patterned tuxedos are all over the red carpet, why not get the color to match?

blue paisley jacket

Paisley Shawl Tuxedo | Blue

A variation of the paisley shawl tux for the lovers of blue.

black sparkle peak tux

Sparkle Peak Tuxedo | Black

(We’re pretty sure Rihanna’s “Diamond” was written about this tux.)

black velvet peak jacket

Velvet Peak Tuxedo | Black

An instant-classic look. All the goodness.


The Traditional Prom Look

Some like to keep it classic, we can dig that. You can’t go wrong with the signature black, navy, or grey tuxedos. Plus, the classics pair with just about everything and your date is gonna love that.

Luxe Faille Tuxedo | Black

Sleekly-tailored and ultra-elegant, this 100% wool black tux  reinvents the standard black-tie look

michael kors charcoal tux

Michael Kors | Charcoal

Leading the legacy of the gray-meets-black-tie trend, this Michael Kors Charcoal tux keeps it timeless.

luxe faille ink blue tux

Luxe Faille Tuxedo | Ink Blue

Unexpected and of-the-moment, woven of a unique mix of both navy and black threads that decodes the typical black tie dress code.

The Johnny Wilde Collection

Take a walk on the wild side with the new Johnny Wilde exclusive coats, that takes black-tie to a whole new level of fun. Stylish and on trend, these single-breasted, 1-button coats are shorter in length for the ultimate cool factor, slim fit, with besom pockets, and a modern shawl lapel that’s accented with a black satin edge trim.

johnny wilde red tuxedo

Johnny Wilde | Red

Rich in color and style, this vibrant red coat will have you making an entrance at your next event. Johnny Wilde makes a statement with this fun and trendy coat, taking modern to a whole new level.

johnny wilde black tuxedo

Johnny Wilde | Burgundy

Trendy & Classic. Trenassic. Classendy?

Johnny Wilde Blue Tuxedo

Johnny Wilde | Royal Blue

With a cool and trendy vibe, this exclusive coat lives up to the Johnny Wilde name and will leave you feeling far from blue.

johnny wilde white tuxedo

Johnny Wilde | White


This has been your Prom Guide for 2018. We hope it’s helped inspire you to find your Prom 2018 look. Whether you choose to take it to the red carpets and have a celebrity inspired look, keep it classic, or live wilde, we leave you with this:

Go forth and conquer the dance floor.

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