Personalize Your Wedding Tux

a wedding couple posing together under and archway

Traditionally, the bride is the center of attention on the Big Day, but the truth is that groom deserves just as much attention as the lady does. After all, getting married takes two people – and this special day is not about the bride or the groom, but about the fact that you have both chosen to spend your lives together.

As a groom-to-be, you definitely want to look just as amazing as your bride does. And this means that you also want your wedding look to speak about who you are.

How to personalize your wedding tux to who you are and what your preferences are? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • The classic tuxedo. Black and white tuxedoes have been around for such a long time that we all associate them with absolute elegance and refinement. Choose the classic black and white tuxedo if you want to keep a traditional impression.
  • The classic, with a twist. If you want to keep it traditionally elegant and add a personal touch, do it with the help of a fun-colored bow-tie and/or pocket square or with a funky pair of socks to show off during the photo shoot with your groomsmen. You can mix and match your accessories in a wide range of colors and patterns or even go with a tuxedo in one of Tip Top Tux’s 5 shades of grey.
  • Want to look very modern and fresh on your Big Day? Wear a David Tutera silver shawl tuxedo or an Ike Behar blue check or burgundy tux jacket with a bow tie instead of the traditional black tuxedo. The element of color in your tux can really amaze your guest and make for outstanding wedding photos.

Searching for a great-looking tuxedo to wear on your wedding day? Come visit Tip Top Tux at any of our numerous locations and choose your favorite! We guarantee a tuxedo rented from us will have you looking and feeling amazing at your wedding!