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Know The Basics Of Fit

Know the basics to finding the right size tuxedo so you are comfortable on your wedding day!


As a groom-to-be, you want to look great on your wedding day. You want to make your soon-to-be bride is proud she’s marrying such an amazing man – and you definitely want to complement her gorgeous wedding dress too.

Finding the right size tuxedo is absolutely crucial when it comes to this – so before you even start shopping, make sure you know your “tuxedo shopping basics”. Read on to find out more.

  • Your tuxedo jacket should be very comfortable on you. To be sure you have the right size, try sitting and standing with your jacket buttoned up, and make sure you feel comfortable. When you sit you should have your jacket un-buttoned but want to make sure it doesn’t pull too much in case you forget! Also, the neck and the shoulders should be comfortable yet not baggy.
  • Your tuxedo shirt should be comfortable at the neck, shoulders and around your body. Furthermore, remember that about a quarter inch (or maximum half an inch) of the shirt cuff should show underneath the jacket.
  • Your tuxedo vest’s buttons should be aligned with the buttons of your jacket. Also, make sure to rent or buy a full back vest, not something that comes with the front part and a strap at the back. This will give you a clean flawless look. Moreover, keep in mind that your waist should overlap the trousers’ waistband, but not too much.
  • Last, but definitely not least, your tuxedo trousers should be no longer than the top of your shoes. You do not want them to drag on the ground. They will shift slightly up your leg when sitting. (So be sure to wear your dress socks!) The trousers should be worn at the natural waist and no lower as to avoid sagging in the rear. Also, they should button comfortably and you should feel comfortable when sitting.

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