Formal Wear Hacks Every Man Must Know

Formal wear doesn’t need to be difficult, in fact, it shouldn’t be. Stress isn’t a good look for an event or big day, the last thing you need is a shoddy tuxedo ruining your day. Avoid the stress and disaster, we’ve complied a list of formal wear hacks to keep things chill and easy for you. So let’s suit up and get going.


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The Importance of  Formal Wear Fit.

Manners maketh man, well we believe fit maketh the man too, we’re sure the Kingsman would agree. If your formal wear fits like your pajamas, you’re doing it wrong. First, you have to know the different types of fit:

Slim Fit

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A slim fit will hug your shoulders and be tapered to contour to your body. A slim fit coat is paired with flat front pants and the trouser length should be measured for very little break. A slim fit will feature:

  • Slim Lapel
  • Higher Armhole
  • Narrow Sleeve
  • Tapered Body
  • Shorter Length Coat

Style: David Tutera Slim Shawl

Modern Fit


A modern fit will slightly taper to your body so it fits most body types comfortably. The modern fit coat is paired with flat front pants. A modern fit will feature:

  • Narrow Lapel
  • Slightly Tapered Body
  • Slightly Shorter Length Coat
  • Narrow Through the Body

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Classic Fit


The Classic Fit covers a broad range of styles and fits all body types. Tailored to offer superior levels of comfort while providing distinct styling. The classic fit coat is paired with flat front pants. The classic fit features:

  • Standard Lapel
  • Fuller Chest
  • Higher Waist
  • Standard Length Coat

Style: Michael Kors Midnight Blue

Finding the right size tuxedo is absolutely crucial when it comes to this – so before you even start shopping, make sure you know your “tuxedo shopping basics”. Biggest of all, don’t forget to get your suit or tux tailored to fit you perfectly! Continue your knowledge of fit and learn the basics here. Now you know the essential idea of fit, cool? Cool.


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Throw a Vest in the mix.


Vest’s are a great way to class up your look. Keep in mind, your vest should match the color and pattern of your suit or tuxedo otherwise it could throw off your look. Find your vest.

So you’re ditching the tie?


If you choose to not wear a bow tie or neck tie, than you’ll want to go with a shirt with a shorter collar. You don’t want your shirt to get stuck over your lapel, that will create an uncomfortable nuisance and feel a bit tacky.

Style: David Tutera Slim Shawl

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Take a Seat.


Always remember, if you’re going to sit down, unbutton you jacket. You could potentially damage your jacket leaving it buttoned while sitting. This could cause the jacket to deform and the buttons threads to weaken and break, and nobody wants to loose their buttons!

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Don’t leave us in Suspenders.


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Not a fan of belts? We get it. Suspenders are a cool way to show off your personality, add comfort, and over-all style to your suit or tuxedo.

So we leave you with this.

You don’t have to be an expert in formal wear to look good. Just knowing these few simple hacks can smooth the process of choosing your look. It’s best to have a little knowledge before hand so you can be prepared and ease your formal wear mind. We’ve laid out the hacks, now we want to see you go forth and use them to your advantage. Still not confident in your formal wear abilities? We have a plethora of blogs that may provide more advice to help guide you along your formal wear journey. See what we have over at our online catalog or get started today. Now go forth and show the world your style.


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