Designing Your Own Wedding Invitations

Let’s face it, every where you turn there are new posts on social media with beautifully designed wedding invitations. If you can’t afford to hire a good designer, there are plenty of ways you can design them yourself. Don’t have Photoshop? No problem, there are plenty of great free resources out there that make it easy to design your very own wedding invitations. Why design your own invitations?

Designing your own invitations means you have freedom to make it your own, it’s cost effective, and will make your wedding that much more memorable. Your wedding is all about you so why not have your invitations be visual representation of yourself? Designing your own allows you to choose imagery, colors, type, and style that fits you best. There are free resources such as Canva that can help you make designing your own invitations painless and simple.

Firstly, all you need is your information:

  • Bride and Groom’s names
  • Date, Time, and Location
  • What will be happening (ceremony/reception)

Next, comes the design portion. Sites like Canva make Graphic Design easy and free. They have several templates, fonts, and imagery for you to play with. Not sure what direction to take? If you feel like you need a creative boost, or just don’t know where to start, visit our Pinterest and browse our wedding invitations board to get inspired for what direction you’re thinking of taking. Try to keep it constant with your wedding theme. Use the same colors and style your wedding will have. If you’re going a rustic style theme, maybe use a wood back ground with some Edison light bulbs along the top. Have fun with your designs and make it personal.