how to create a groom's style checklist

Create a Groom Style Checklist

Grooms: create a style checklist to make sure you are looking sharp on the big day!

As a groom-to-be, you surely want to look stylish and handsome on your wedding day. After all, this is the day you marry the person you love and commit to share your lives with each other – so looking great should definitely be on your list of priorities.

We have gathered some tips for you to look your best – so read on and find out more!

  • Decide what you want to wear at least three months before the wedding date. Also, make sure you decide the attire for your groomsmen as well.
  • When renting, do your final fitting the week of the event. If purchasing, about one month before the wedding, you should be ready to have your final fitting with all the alterations made on your tux or suit. In case the tux doesn’t fit as it should be, there will be enough time to make any further alterations.
  • Get a new haircut and a manicure with about one week before the big day. This will help you look stylish and confident as you wait for your lovely bride at the altar.
  • Pick up your tuxedo the week of (usually 1-2 days prior) the wedding and make sure your groomsmen and your father do the same. Check to see if all the right elements are there and pack a luggage for the big day in case you will not get dressed at home. Make sure to include all the elements of the tuxedo, all the accessories, as well as all the grooming products you need.
  • On the morning of your wedding day, take a hot shower to relax, shave yourself and don’t forget to take the rings (or to entrust them to your Best Man). Smile, this is going to be a huge day for you and you should really make the most of it!

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