How to Choose A Perfect Tuxedo For Your Wedding

a man wearing a plum tuxedo jacket with a shawl lapelWhen it comes time to choosing your tuxedo for your wedding, picking the right color and style is key.

Most importantly, your tuxedo must complement the wedding dress. If she goes formal, the tuxedo should follow suit in order to honor the dress. Keep that in mind when choosing your tuxedo. You must choose the theme of your wedding as well. Once you have chosen a theme, then you can think of tuxedo styles.

Consider your options, how formal is your wedding going to be? What colors are you and your fiancé deciding on? The higher the formality usually inclines a black, navy, or charcoal gray tuxedo with a white/ivory vest and bowtie. The less formal, the more options you’ll be able to play with. Tip Top Tux offers hundreds of color combinations and style options within their local inventory to choose from.

What season will your wedding take place? Generally, summer weddings indicate bright, vibrant colors, especially if your wedding will be outdoors. White and lighter colored tuxedos are usually not worn in winter time. This is usually an exception only if you are traveling to a warm tropical location such as Hawaii do to tradition.

Consider what your groomsmen will be wearing. Their tuxedos should be similar to yours, but yours must stand out a little. The bride and yourself should be the main attraction at your wedding. Perhaps you could simply change bowtie and vest colors or go bold with a colored tuxedo from Tip Top Tux’s Ike Behar or David Tutera tuxedo collections.

Fit is also an important factor in choosing your tuxedo. A traditional tuxedo has a classic, less tapered look. The more modern styles include a non pleated, flat front pant or even a slim pant. Tip Top Tux has a variety of classic tuxedos, modern and slim fit tuxedos to chose from to ensure you and your wedding party look and fit the part.

In the end it comes down to personal style, fit and comfort. Tip Top Tux has a variety of colors and styles available for rental, if you need some inspiration stop in and browse our selection and one of our many convenient locations.