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Homecoming 2017 Style Trends!

The new school year is on the horizon, and that means…Homecoming! We’ve complied the best of the best trends for Homecoming 2017 to get your creative and inspirational juices flowing! Keep reading and we will break it down into three segments for you; Tuxedos, Dresses, and how to match them. Let’s get started, shall we? […]

Where to Start When Renting a Tux

Know the basics of renting a tux for your wedding As a groom-to-be, you want to look at your very best on one of the most important days of your life. You want your tuxedo to fit you perfectly, you want it to be stylish and you want everything about it to be absolutely flawless. […]


Find a Tuxedo to Wow

Find a tuxedo style that will really “wow” your wedding guests! While the bride may be the center of attention at a traditional wedding, the absolute truth is that grooms deserve their fair share of the spotlight too. After all, this is their Big Day too – and they will also want everything to be […]