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The Prom Guide 2018

Welcome to the Prom Guide for 2018. Prom is here and you need the freshest look out right now. We’ve got you covered. Your resource on the hottest looks you can wear to your prom. We get it, it can be overwhelming to plan and decided on a look, we’re here to help you out. […]


Our Prom 2017 Tuxperience! With Tip Top Tux.

Music, Dancing, Tuxedos. A look at Prom 2017 with Tip Top Tux. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite pictures submitted by you this prom season. We loved seeing all your unique styles, colors, and mix n’ matches for your Prom! Come with us on a look back to 2017’s Prom, as dressed by Tip Top […]


Favorite Instagram Prom Posts 2015

We’re in the midst of prom season! Things are getting a little crazy (as you’ll see in the pictures below). It’s been great seeing how much fun our employees and clients are having with our Instagram Frame prom posts promotion this year. Here’s a sampling of our favorite posts thus far (p.s. make sure to read the comments and hashtags).