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Why Tip Top Tux?

-A full service shop, equipped with wedding experts to make your wedding day hassle free- Wedding planning can be lots of fun and a little bit daunting at the same time.  At Tip Top Tux we are here to make sure your formalwear is the least of your worries. Here are four reasons why you […]

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What About the Pocket Square?

Some couples are foregoing boutonnieres and doing pocket squares instead. You can also do both. They look great in pictures and add that “pop” of color! Pocket square etiquette is to match the tie or the shirt color. Pocket squares also make great gifts for your groom and your wedding party. You can even embroider […]

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How to Select the Perfect Fit

More than ever, it’s about fit.  It doesn’t matter what kind of tuxedo or suit you’re looking for, the fit means everything. Not all tuxedo styles and designs look the same on all body shapes.  Consider your wedding party when selecting the perfect tuxedo.  With today’s modern fitting styles, you have options!  There are traditional […]

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How to Choose a Color Scheme

Color plays a huge role in the feel of your wedding! Once you select the color, your next decision is where you want to use your color and how much you want to use it. Think about all the areas to add your wedding color – bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen vests and ties, bouquets and boutonnieres, […]

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How Formal is Your Wedding?

The formality of the wedding, and of the dress, really dictates your formalwear choice for the men. If you’re going for a formal theme, the clothing is the first step to making it look formal to your guests. Formal suggests a full length gown with a train and full length bridesmaid dresses. The men would […]